1. Medigene on a new course

    Interviewee/Contributer: Dolores Schendel

    Organisation: Medigene AG

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  2. Using the accelerator and brake to treat cancer

    Interviewee/Contributer: Frédéric Triebel

    Organisation: Prima BioMed Ltd

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  3. The patent battle over CRISPR rages on

    Interviewee/Contributer: John Dean

    Organisation: European patent and trade mark attorney

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  4. Working with patients to accelerate drug development

    Interviewee/Contributer: Richard Goodfellow

    Organisation: Scancell Holdings Plc

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  5. The future of RNAi in the age of gene editing

    Interviewee/Contributer: Jonathan D Moore

    Organisation: Horizon Discovery Group Plc

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  6. European biotechs post modest Q2 gains

    Interviewee/Contributer: William Ellington

    Organisation: Evernow Publishing Ltd

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  7. The risks of therapeutic genome editing

    Interviewee/Contributer: Houria Bachtarzi and Tim Farries

    Organisation: ERA Consulting (UK) Ltd

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  8. European biotech searches for growth capital

    Interviewee/Contributer: Eric Castaldi

    Organisation: Argenx NV

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  9. Janssen Oncology: When the data show durable response

    Interviewee/Contributer: Catherine Taylor

    Organisation: Janssen Oncology

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  10. Real-world evidence - the new healthcare currency

    Interviewee/Contributer: Tara Raveendran

    Organisation: Shore Capital

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