1. The risks of therapeutic genome editing

    Interviewee/Contributer: Houria Bachtarzi and Tim Farries

    Organisation: ERA Consulting (UK) Ltd

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  2. European biotech searches for growth capital

    Interviewee/Contributer: Eric Castaldi

    Organisation: Argenx NV

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  3. Janssen Oncology: When the data show durable response

    Interviewee/Contributer: Catherine Taylor

    Organisation: Janssen Oncology

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  4. Real-world evidence - the new healthcare currency

    Interviewee/Contributer: Tara Raveendran

    Organisation: Shore Capital

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  5. Case study - the merits of adaptive trial design

    Interviewee/Contributer: Erik van den Berg

    Organisation: AM-Pharma BV

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  6. The next step for EU health technology assessment

    Interviewee/Contributer: Jane Morrison

    Organisation: MedNous

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  7. When is one drug more effective than another?

    Interviewee/Contributer: Alex Gee

    Organisation: ICON P&MA

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  8. Ipsen aspires to role as speciality oncology player

    Interviewee/Contributer: Robin Davison

    Organisation: New Science Global Healthcare Fund

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  9. How Pharma is targeting checkpoint inhibitors

    Interviewee/Contributer: Bruno Pagliara


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  10. Progress towards personalised cancer vaccines

    Interviewee/Contributer: Cornelis Melief

    Organisation: ISA Pharmaceuticals BV

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