1. Antibody-degrading enzyme enables transplants

    Interviewee/Contributer: Emanuel Björne

    Organisation: Hansa Medical AB

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  2. Mitochondrial quality control as potential therapy

    Interviewee/Contributer: Paul Thompson

    Organisation: Mission Therapeutics

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  3. Building a European capital market

    Interviewee/Contributer: William Ellington

    Organisation: Evernow Publishing Ltd

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  4. The new complexity in clinical study protocols

    Interviewee/Contributer: Shiva Memari

    Organisation: Vertical Knowing

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  5. Cell therapy success and the competition for value

    Interviewee/Contributer: Miguel Forte

    Organisation: Zelluna Immunotherapy AS

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  6. Why pharma is paying a premium for assets

    Interviewee/Contributer: Tim Sturgeon and Martin Gouldstone

    Organisation: Results Healthcare

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  7. Takeovers refocus Sanofi on rare diseases

    Interviewee/Contributer: Robin Davison

    Organisation: New Science Global Healthcare Fund

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  8. How GMO rules affect gene and cell therapies

    Interviewee/Contributer: Houria Bachtarzi

    Organisation: ERA Consulting (UK) Ltd

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  9. The advance of digital medicine

    Interviewee/Contributer: Jean-Claude Muller

    Organisation: MedNous

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  10. Remotely controlling gene expression

    Interviewee/Contributer: Martin Fussenegger

    Organisation: ETH Zürich

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