UK regulator to post schedule for reviewing first-in-man trials

Companies that want to know how quickly their applications for first-in-man trials will be evaluated in the UK will soon be able to go to the regulatory authority’s website for information on the review process, according to Elaine Godfrey of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Gordon Duff comments on the future of first-in-man trials

Gordon Duff, a professor at the University of Sheffield School of Medicine and chairman of Britain's Commission on Human Medicines, said the Tegenero incident illustrates how little scientists understand about the safety of novel therapies. He said it is important that regulators in future share more information from preclinial studies of novel therapies.

Vaccine developer to set up fund for seed capital

The world’s largest developer of candidate vaccines for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) plans to set up a new fund to locate and develop new ideas relating to vaccines. Details were to be announced by the end of June.